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  2. The notorious Red Skull constructed this antiquated and Gothic mansion for his daughter Synthia Schmidt/Sin. It contains many artifacts such as automated replicas of his Sleepers as well as the Book of the Skull, a dangerous tome that is actually the journal of the Red Skull. It also contains many powerful magic spells and the Red Skull's secrets (including the location of the Hammer of Skadi.
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  4. Jan 01,  · Finding this trade paperback was a treat. A masterwork edition of Captain America’s Silver Age adventures by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and originally presented as part of the Captain America / Iron Man double header in Tales of hardchitabwicehadulinksosarecan.coinfo book collected the first few year of the title the stories that featured the Star-Spangled Avenger/5(30).
  5. Check out this very nice Captain America SPLASH, which was penciled by the great Paul Neary, and inked by the great John Beatty, from the story titled: "The Haunting of Skull-House!" This nice SPLASH features a huge image of the Star Spangled Avenger leaping at the reader and away from several of his greatest adversaries: Modok; Porcupine.
  6. Captain America Trick or Treat is a slightly smaller than standard size premium comic that came with a cassette story tape package produced by Shan-Lon Distribution. The comic reprints Captain America #, "THe Haunting of Skull-House!" written by Mike Gruenwalk with art by Paul Neary. 6 x 9 inch, 24 page, full color, no cover price.
  7. Captain America: Death of the Red Skull (#) Captain America Epic Collection: Society of Serpents (#) Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus (#) .
  8. Skull-House; Items: Captain America's Shield; Vehicles: Solicit Synopsis: Edit. Cap's investigation of the Red Skull's house unleashes all the guilt and secret fears Captain America never before faced! Will the trauma of what he sees and experiences in the house destroy Captain America? Notes Edit. A largely ignored Captain America issue.
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