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  1. Imperial Grand Strategy: The Conquest of Iraq and the Assault on Democracy. Chomsky is back, contesting official versions of history and today's news in two powerful two-hour talks and a minute interview! While each piece stands alone, they also complement one another to provide both a far-ranging view of world politics and a glimpse into Chomsky's personal political beliefs that is both .
  2. First, delivered at England's University of Manchester, 'Imperial Grand Strategy' offers an assessment of the Iraq War. Then, 'The Assault on Freedom and Democracy' features Chomsky discussing such hot-button issues as the Patriot Act. Also included is an insightful interview conducted at UC Berkeley entitled 'Questions About Anarchism'.
  3. In 'Imperial Grand Strategy', a lecture given at the University of Manchester, Chomsky takes on the war in Iraq. He cuts through the ideological fog that surrounds the invasion and occupation, laying waste to the U.S. government's justifications for them.
  4. Mar 02,  · The US invasion of Iraq in and Washington's subsequent strategy in the country and the Middle East has brought Daesh to life, renowned philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky .
  5. Jan 31,  · On the War in Iraq Noam Chomsky interviewed by David McNeill ZNet, January 31, David McNeill: Can you give me your views on the current war in Iraq. As you know, many critics of the war are now saying the invasion was a historic mistake, on a par with the US invasion of Vietnam.
  6. A major new collection from "arguably the most important intellectual alive" (The New York Times). Noam Chomsky is universally accepted as one of the preeminent public intellectuals of .
  7. Imperial grand strategy: the conquest of Iraq and the assault on democracy.. [Noam Chomsky; Barry Pateman; AK Press.;] -- Features one of the world's leading intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, contesting official versions of history and today's news in two powerful lectures and a minute interview with Barry Pateman.
  8. Noam Chomsky, the Ferrai P. Ward Professor of Modern Languages and Linguistics at the Masschusetts Institute of Technology, is the author of many books on both langauge and politics, including most recently Rethinking Camelot: John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture; Language and Thought; and World Orders, Old and New.
  9. Imperial Presidency Noam Chomsky Canadian Dimension, January/February (Volume 39, Number 1) Based on a talk delivered in Toronto on November 4, It goes without saying that what happens in the US has an enormous impact on the rest of the world – and conversely: what happens in the rest of the world cannot fail to have an impact on the US, in several ways.

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