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  1. Tell of his Conversations with God, speak Of the Misunderstood, and tell of the world, through the youths eyes. Now at the age of 20, Michaeljohn has dedicated his life to being an evangelist, and a prophet, going throughout the world speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ for the conversion of souls.
  2. THE DEVIL SPEAKS THROUGH MY GUITAR. TEMPLE OF THE DEVIL KITTY. VOICE OF THE OUROBOROS. SHOT ON THE SHITTER. CAPPED ON THE CRAPPER and a few other goodies. Korperschwache has also acquired an iMac and Logic Studio 9, which should greatly expand recording possibilities and improve on the sound quality of future releases. 08/23/ IGNORE.
  3. 1. "These '60s-style guitar instrumentals are truly old school, a la studiomen Billy Strange or Vic Flick. Lou plays duets of "Over The Rainbow," "It's Only A Paper Moon," and "Caravan" with nary a trace of irony - indeed, the music is a time warp back to an era when a guitarist could cut an LP of standards and sell many a copy.
  4. Speak of the devil here I go again Right back there and what could of been Say your name like your just some friend Asking if I've heard from you And I just smile as Im fallin apart Got a real good memory and a hair trigger heart one little spark and I'm goin through hell again Speak of the devil Speak of the devil .
  5. Faustian legend says that Johnson took his guitar to Highways of 49 and 61 in Mississippi where the Devil exchanged his instrument for the bluesman’s soul. Again, this tale tells us more about the conservative superstitions of a predominantly white Christian populace in the s than an artist’s allegiance to Satan.
  6. Tom Waits (whose album, The Black Rider, is full of songs about the Devil, composed for a play co-written with author William S Burroughs) has frequently returned to the theme of Satan and evil.
  7. This album -- a compilation of six tracks taken from various splits and singles, and a companion of sorts to the compilation that appeared on Load Records last year -- is a series of endless-sounding bad trips through the band's polluted psyche, often revolving around demonically seductive beats played over and over like a diseased loop.
  8. Korperschwache. Austin, Texas. Korperschwache was formed in Austin, TX in and has since released piles of albums on labels such as Crucial Blast, Public Guilt, Inam Records, Cut Hands, Faunasabbatha, Peasant Majik, and more. Korperschwache is: RKF -- guitar, vox, efx, paranoid delusions Doktor Omega -- beats, time, space, dominatrix vibes.

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